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Our full-time staff has over 45 years of marine experience, including active memberships in the industry associations that protect and improve the marine industry. Our association memberships enable us to help improve business standards, monitor legislative and regulatory policies and conduct CMM/CMO certification training.

Because of our active involvement in the industry, we are able to provide the best customer service possible. We know the marine industry thoroughly and we understand your needs. We are always prepared to act as an intermediary on your behalf when communicating with vendors and manufacturers. Most importantly, we work with you to evaluate your needs so we can deliver products and solutions for your current and future projects.

The products we provide are high quality, environmentally friendly and warranted against manufacturing defects and meet rigid industry testing and regulatory agency standards.

We owe our success to the loyalty and trust of our customers, which is why we will always stay connected to you through advertising, trade shows, email, our website and by phone. We are grateful for your support.