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Plastic Barrel Floatation - Breakwater Floats

Breakwater Floats

Cylindrical Breakwater Floats

Breakwater construction, booms, barriers, or barrel flotation in dock applications.

Breathe new life into tire breakwaters with cylindrical floats. Build low maintenance barriers and booms. Replace old raw foam flotation with environmentally safe encapsulated foam-filled floats. Throw out those leaking drums and strap on new 30+ year life cylindrical floats.

The breakwater floats have a one-piece LLPDE shell that is filled with EPS foam. The fill is done under steam to ensure a void-free watertight fill. The shell outer wall thickness is a nominal 0.150"/0.381 cm for durability and long life. The outer shell is virtually impervious to oil, gas, animal damage and impacts.

Float buoyancy delivered is 340lbs/154.2 kg each.

Our breakwater floats are designed to support a breakwater system of tires or other framework designs. They will not function as breakwater used independently.

Float Size

Breakwater Floats Breakwater Floats


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All dock float orders shipping by truck must be inspected for any damage prior to the truck driving leaving the site. If damage is found the damage must be documented on the bill of lading and signed by the driver prior to leaving the delivery site. This is the only way to ensure that the damage product can/will be replaced. If this is not done the cost of replacing the damaged product falls under the owner’s expense.