Power Supplies for Solar Bridge Lights


Traditional Sealite lantern power supplies are available individually and are suitable for powering up to 12 Sealite sectored bridge light heads.

The solar module has an adjustable mount which can be angled to maximise solar collection. The light head is attached to the power supply using heavy-duty cabling enabling the lights to be mounted in shaded areas while the solar panel can be positioned in full sunlight. The power supplies come complete with solar module and battery contained in a rugged, powder-coated aluminium housing.

10, 20 & 40 watt models available

Power supplies are available in various sizes to suit your application:

  • 10 watt for powering 1-2 Sealite sectored bridge light heads
  • 20 watt for powering 1-6 Sealite sectored bridge light heads
  • 40 watt for powering 6-12 sectored bridge light heads

The Premier Advantage

  • Power supplies available in multiple configurations & sizes to suit various applications
  • Solar panel tilt angle can be set to suit geographical location
  • Custom designs available
  • Easy to install and service