Spar Buoys

Spar Buoys are often used in lakes, rivers, and harbors to mark objects, signal to boaters, provide safety measures, and to protect boaters and marine life. Using a unique molding process, the spar buoys we offer guarantee excellent buoyance and durability while in the rough waters. We offer the highest quality solutions to ensure that navigators are safe and all objects and obstructions are clearly marked.

Spar Buoy Features:

  • Rotational molding process for increased durability
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing process
  • Moisture resistant
  • UV stabilization to protect from degrading effect from the sun
  • Closed-cell polyurethane foam for improved buoyancy
  • Low cost
  • Variety of sizes available

At Premier Materials, we offer a variety of spar buoys that differ in sizes depending on what they will be used for. Check out our spec sheet for more details on sizing options. For more information on our spar buoys, or if you would like to request a quote today, please fill out our form!

Loon Buoys

Loon Nest can be harmed by intense water traffic. Premier materials has custom buoys made to mark loon nest in danger of being harmed by the near by water traffic. Help protect your native birds from this harmful traffic order today!
Loon Buoys

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