Premier Titan Dock Decking

Titan dock decking is built to withstand harsh environments decking is tested daily. Titan dock decking you will no longer have to worry about warping, rotting, decaying, denting, or fading. We offer decking that is designed and manufactured to withstand harsh environments for the lifetime of your dock and beyond. Made from 100% virgin-grade polypropylene materials, our dock decking is the highest quality in the industry, and it is backed with a 12-year warranty. Premier helps supply the marine industry with the right decking solution for your project.

Premier Titan Dock Decking Features

  • Lower cost on fasteners and labor
  • Decking is lighter than wood
  • Barefoot friendly
  • Durable, 12 Year warranty
  • Adds an aesthetic look to your dock
  • Decking temperature will never exceed +/- one degree of outside temperature
  • Industry leading customer service

Never worry about having to replace your dock decking again. Contact us today to get started!