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Solar LED Marine Light Solutions

Looking for a solar maintenance free solution for lighting your buoy, marking a harbor entrance, marking an obstruction?

Dock Float

Make sure you protect your dock foundation and get the best dock insurance policy with Premier Dock Floats.

Solar Bridge Light Solutions

Do away with wiring and maintenance issues and save time and money with our custom solar bridge light packages.

Barge Light Solutions

Premier offers both a solar and battery powered LED barge lights. Our barge lights are the most advanced in its class.

Dock Solutions

Looking for a maintenance free solution for your dock and the ease of wheeling your dock in and out of the water?

Water Treatment

Premier offers the most advanced scientific process to solve today’s water pollutions problems.

Premier Materials – The Leader In Marine Solutions

Premier Materials is an industry leader in providing marine solutions for dock builders, marinas, developers, government agencies, barge and towing companies as well as associations. Premier has over 45 years of marine experience and active memberships in industry associations that protect and improve the marine industry.

Because of our active involvement in the industry, we are able to provide the best customer service and solutions possible. We know the marine industry thoroughly and understand your needs. We are always prepared to act as an intermediary on your behalf. Most importantly, we work with you to evaluate your needs so we can provide solutions using the highest quality, environmentally friendly products for your current and future projects.

We owe our success to the loyalty and trust of our customers, which is why we will always stay connected to you through advertising, trade shows, email, website and by phone.

Need a solution for your marine project? Premier has the answer.