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We offer industry-leading dock solutions and customer service. Our products are easier to install, last longer and our customer service will dedicate their time to making sure your dock solutions are at peak performance. Browse our selection of dock floats and dock wheels and find the right dock solutions for you. Contact us for a free quote today!

Our dock floats are used by marinas, private homes, government agencies, and associations all over the United States. With an expected lifespan of 40 years and a fifteen-year warranty, we guarantee our dock floats will last. Manufactured from 100% virgin grade materials, the quality and design of our dock floats exceed the industry and regulatory standards and tests. The structural strength of our dock floats allows for higher impact without damage, and added longevity without maintenance.

*All dock floats that are shipped by truck must be inspected for any damage prior to the truck driver leaving the site. If damage is found, it must be documented on the bill of lading and signed by the driver prior to leaving the delivery site. This is the only way to ensure that the damaged product can/will be replaced. If this is not done, the cost of replacing the damaged dock product falls under the owner’s expense.


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    Customer Reviews

    “Premier Materials’ dock floats not only meet but also exceed industry standards such as the wall thickness standard, falling dart test, the Hunt 7-day water absorption test, flame retardant ASTM D4986-03 test, certified tank tested buoyancies, and USACE regulations.” 

    “Finding the right flotation is easy with the Premier Materials dock float calculator which helps to determine the right size and quantity of flotation needed for a dock” 

    “The dock float manufacturer, Hendren Plastics, has the best lead times in the marketplace due to Premier Materials state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing processes.” 

    FAQ’s for Dock Floats

    • On average, how long does it take for my dock float products that I ordered to be shipped?

    The answer is that it varies. When one or more of our floats are ordered, it depends on the size and quantity of dock floats being ordered.  It also depends upon the season.  We aim to have anywhere from 2-4 day lead times on small dock float orders, 1-2 weeks on larger orders. About every three years or so we have lead times that average 4-6 weeks or more.  This year is that year.  

    • What is the average lifetime of a dock float?  

    The average lifetime of a dock float is 40 years. 

    • What is the return policy? 

    If the dock floats have not been used, we leave it up to the discretion of the factory as to whether or not they will take floats back.  It is  rare for floats to be returned. 

    • Do I have a warranty for the dock float product I purchased?  

    There is a fifteen-year warranty with the first ten years being covered 100%. 

    • How do I know that Premier Material products are high quality? 

    Premier will only do business with companies that manufacture their products with high standards, that follow the rules and regulations of the industry and that will fully back and support their product should any issues arise. 

    • Where do I find the size of the dock float? 

    The dock float  number is actually the dimensions of the float.  So, a 2448-16 means its 24” wide x 48” long x 16” deep. 

    • How do I mount the dock floats? 

    The dock floats have built in mounting slots that are used to attached the nut, bolt, and washer connecting the float to the frame. If you are using a flange float, you attached the nut, bolt, and washer right through the flange to the frame. 

    • Are floats only used on docks? 

    No, floats are not only used on docks. We have floated swim rafts, bog walks, even floating houses, and marina stores. 

    • Can I leave my floating dock in the water year-round? 

    It depends on the water/ice movement. If you have absolutely no ice nor water movement in the spring you can leave the dock in year-round.  If you have even the slightest movement, you need to take the dock out of the water or you will risk damage to the flotation which could void the warranty. 

    • Can I drag the dock out of the water? 

    It depends on the surface you are dragging the dock over – if it’s smooth and sandy, you should be able to drag the dock out of the water. If it is a rocky and rough surface, we don’t recommend you drag it or you could risk damage to the dock floats. 



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