Dock Float Solutions
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Dock Float Solutions

Get the best under the dock insurance policy with Premier floats. Our dock floats provide you with higher quality at a lower price. This is made possible by the utilization of cutting edge technology, in house engineering and tooling production, lower overhead which in turn means greater savings for you.

Our dock floats are made of 100% virgin grade material and along with the design and quality they exceed industry and regulatory tests and standards. The structural strength of our dock floats means higher impact without damage. The certified buoyancy of our dock floats means you will get the proper size and quantity of floats.

Our dock floats provide added longevity without maintenance and the quality control reports prove our dock floats are high quality.

Premier Dock Floats Offer:

  • Fifteen Year Warranty
  • Expected life span of 40 years
  • Ease of installation
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Meets USACOE Regulation 36CFR Part 327.3

Our Dock Floats:

  • Premier Dock Floats
  • Breakwater Floats
  • Flange Floats

All dock float orders shipping by truck must be inspected for any damage prior to the truck driving leaving the site. If damage is found the damage must be documented on the bill of lading and signed by the driver prior to leaving the delivery site. This is the only way to ensure that the damage product can/will be replaced. If this is not done the cost of replacing the damaged product falls under the owner’s expense.