Bridge Navigation Lights

Premier Material’s selection of bridge navigation lights are explicitly designed to clearly mark bridges and structures extending over navigable waterways and are used extensively throughout the USA. They are available in solar and battery models, and provide maximum safety, reliability, and dependability to those navigating the waterways. Visible from up to 4NM away, our top-rated bridge navigation lights will catch the attention of everybody navigating the waterway.

We also have a selection of power supplies and lighting kits to ensure your bridge navigation lights are always lit. With up to 40 watts of powering, our solar power supplies can light up to 12 bridge navigation lights per unit. The solar lighting kit also has an adjustable mount that can be angled to maximize sun exposure. They are available in multiple sizes and configurations depending on what your individual needs are.

If you are concerned that individuals may not see your bridge navigation lights, we offer a lighting kit equipped with an extension arm that will increase the visibility of the light for those passing by. Our lighting kits also have a range of flash settings that can be adjusted to suit regulations.

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