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Check out our selection of mooring buoys, spar buoys, channel marker buoys, and illuminating pencil buoys manufactured by Sealite or Lakelite. Rely on our buoys to mark above and below water obstructions, signal to boaters which way traffic goes, remind boaters of regulations such as “slow no wake”, and also to provide additional safety measures such as marking “fast water ahead” or a “no boating area.”

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Our selection of buoys include:

Spar Buoys

Illuminating Pencil Buoys

Mooring Buoys

Marker Buoys

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    Product Interest

    Customer Reviews

    “Premier’s illuminating pencil buoys are great for providing a warning to anyone out on the water.”

    “Premier’s spar buoys are such high quality that after going through many buoys that have all failed within a year of being used, I was about to give up on buoys until I found Premier Material’s durable spar buoys – I love them!”

    “Premier’s mooring buoys have always been very clear to see in the water. The markings on the buoys which tells the boater who owns the buoys or which one to moor at are also very clear to see from a distance in the water which is also very beneficial.”

    FAQ’s for Buoys

    • On average, how long does it take for my products I ordered to be shipped?

    In normal times, it takes 2-3 weeks, but right now it takes 4-6 weeks depending on the quantity being ordered. The illuminating buoy usually ships within a day or two if a small  quantity is ordered.

    • What is the average lifetime of these buoys?

    The average lifetime of these buoys is 10-12 years.

    • What is the return policy?

    Our buoy products can be returned within 30 days at the owner’s expense if the buoy  has not been used.

    • Do I have a warranty for the buoy I purchased?

    Yes, you have a 1-year warranty.

    • Are the buoys Coast Guard approved?

    Yes, our buoys are Coast Guard approved!

    • Do the buoys come with graphics or is that an additional charge?

    Yes, the standard graphics are included.

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