Encapsulated Floats

We offer encapsulated floats that can be used on all types of docks including wood, concrete, aluminum, and more! Check out the industry standard requirements, benefits, and savings our dock floats offer:

Industry Standards for encapsulated floats:

  • Encasement Wall Thickness Standard
    • 150” nominal and 0.125” minimum thickness
  • Falling Dart Impact Test – ASTM D1998-06
    • Proof of quality for both material and molding process
  • 7-Day Hunter Water Absorption Test
    • Requiring maximum water absorption rate of 3.0 lbs per cubic foot of foam
  • Flexural Strength Test
    • Ensures the EPS foam is fused together properly promoting better resistance to water absorption
  • Flame Retardant Test – ASTM D4986-03
    • Provides a higher-level chance that the float will not ignite if there is an accident
  • Certified Tank-Tested Buoyancy Rating
    • Provides accurate buoyancy information for choosing and buying the correct size float
  • USACE Regulation 36CFR part 327.30
    • Excludes the use of raw foam and empty barrels and defines requirements that encapsulated foam must meet

Benefits/Savings to our encapsulated floats:

  • Eagle Floats = Best Quality & Best ROI
  • 40 Year Lifecycle & 15 Year Warranty
  • Virgin Grade Resins for maximum strength
  • Meets ALL Industry Standards for Encapsulated Dock Floats with Test Reports
  • Heaviest Mounting Flanges
  • Over 70 Models of Standard Floats
  • Over 14 Models of Flange Floats

In addition to the benefits and savings of using our encapsulated floats you also will receive our industry-leading customer service. Nowhere else will you find the attention to detail, quick response times, excellent warranties, strong communication, and excellent lead times even during the busy season. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the best products and services you can find in the marine industry. If you are interested in learning more about our encapsulated floats, contact us and request a free quote today.

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