Sabik M650H

SKU: M650H

The Sabik M650H self-contained LED lantern for buoys and minor beacons is a low-maintenance, cost-effective solar LED marine lantern. This solar marine lantern is most commonly used as marine aids-to-navigation marking, marina lighting, dock lighting, and port lighting. The high-performing Sabik M650H includes a battery with life expectancy up to 5 years that has a visible range of 2 to 4 NM.

Available in standard IALA colors: Red, green, White, Yellow, and Blue. This lantern is easy to install on any structure using 3 x M6 bolts on a 150mm diameter.

The Premier Advantage of the Sabik M650H LED Solar Marine Lantern

  • High-efficiency solar cells with bypass and blocking diode function.
  • Premium grade UV resistant, polycarbonate/polysiloxane co-polymer body and lens material
  • Color-specific temperature corrected LED drivers provide consistent intensity under all operating conditions
  • SLA battery with ventilated battery compartment
  • Vertical divergence > 8º (FWHM)
  • IP 68 rated. Double O-ring sealing with waterproof vent
  • Programmable with On-Board User Interface, USB port, or optional wireless IR-Programmer
  • Optional ON/OFF switch, external charger, and integrated GPS synchronization