Solar Powered Navigation Lights


The Sealite BargeSafe™ Solar 2nm is a solar powered navigation light created for barges and designed to meet UL 1104 and COLREG-72 standards. The LED light sets a new standard and incorporates a host of innovative features designed to make the unit extremely user friendly.
The Premier Advantage to our Solar Powered Navigation Lights:

  • 2nm visible range
  • Certified to UL 1104 & COLREG-72 photometrics
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Precise light sectoring achieved via Sealite’s world class lens
  • Advanced LED technology
  • Completely self-contained solar/battery light
  • User-replaceable battery in sealed compartment
  • NiMH battery for long service life & wide temperature range
  • ON/OFF storage switch
  • Installs in seconds
  • Robust
  • IP68 waterproof

The world class LED lens is designed and manufactured by Sealite. Itachieves precise intensity and sectoring requirements from a single LED light source. Made from tough, durable polycarbonate and using the latest high intensity LED and a uniquely designed lens the BargeSafe™ Solar 2nm light has an incredibly low power consumption.

This solar powered navigation light can be installed in minutes, requires no operator intervention, and has a permanent ON/OFF switch for easy storage. The sealed battery compartment allows the battery to be replaced after years of service. During daylight hours, the solar module will charge the battery and the light will automatically begin operation at dusk once the ambient light threshold drops sufficiently.


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