Sabik M550

SKU: M550

The Sabik M550 self-contained LED lantern for buoys and beacons is a low-maintenance, cost-effective solar LED marine lantern. The high-performing Sabik M550 includes a battery with life expectancy up to 5 years that has a visible range of 1 to 3 NM. Ideal for marine aids-to-navigation such as marking the entrance to a harbor, marking a breakwater, buoy markets, marking obstructions or a dock.

Available in standard IALA colors: Red, Green, White, Amber, and Blue. Simple installation using 2 x M6 bolts on a 127 mm diameter. No additional mounting hardware required.

The Premier Advantage of the Sabik M550 LED Solar Marine Lantern

  • Premium grade, UV resistant polycarbonate body and lens material
  • 40 user-adjustable flash patterns and programmable intensities
  • Replaceable, recyclable, high temperature-rated NiMH AA batteries
  • IP 68 rated
  • Ventilated battery compartment
  • Automatic light control

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