Eagle Flange Float

Premier Materials offers a wide range of flange floats that are built to last. The encasement of our floats protect all surfaces of the floatation material and do not allow any water to enter the float. If the encasement is punctured, the 100% virgin grade polystyrene floatation material inside will keep it from sinking and the insulation from contaminating. Each float we provide is checked by a professional to ensure it meets industry standards, such as the falling dart test, and if any damages occur within the first 15 years, we will fix it for free! Every Premier Materials dock float comes with a 15-year warranty to protect our customers.

Instead of a standard attachment, our eagle floats come equipped with a flange attachment that allows you to easily connect the floats anywhere to your dock. The flange float is attached to the wire frame of the dock instead of being drilled into a mounting hole like a standard eagle float would be. Also, flange floats work well for retrofitting an older dock.