SL-BR LED Sectored Bridge Light


The SL-BR is an LED Bridge Light specifically designed to clearly mark bridges and structures extending over navigable waterways and is used extensively throughout the USA. The SL-BR has been designed to offer superior visibility with up to 4NM visible range, and operates in conjunction with existing power supplies.

The light is available as a 180 degree sectored red model or 360 degree green model and comes fixed-on as standard. The fixtures are also available with a range of factory-set flash characteristics and sectoring requirements to suit local regulations.

The light is available in two configurations, nominal 12VDC or universal AC (110-240VAC). The 12VDC model may be provided with an IR programmer for added functionality. Programmable features include; intensity adjustment, flash code adjustment, battery diagnostics and ON/OFF lux setting adjustment.

The SL-BR can also be supplied as a complete solar/battery system to comply with requirements of regional governing bodies such as the U.S. Coast Guard, or the IALA Recommendations for the marking of fixed bridges over navigable waters.


  • Up to 4NM visible range
  • IR programmable (VDC Model only)
  • Able to operate inconjunction with existing power supplies
  • Optional solar/battery systems available
  • Optional universal AC: will accept between 110–240VAC
  • Optional mounting accessories